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CMA Financial Services mission is to serve you. We offer you comprehensive financial services in the areas of financial planning, money management, estate planning, insurance, tax preparation and tax planning. We do this while allowing you to keep your favorite CPA, estate planning attorney or other professional. Our firm is founded on the highest ethical standards and puts your financial success above all other considerations. We do not sell you. Instead we will help you achieve all of your goals for reasons that are important to you. Aligning your goals with your most deeply held values allows us to guide you on a path that ensures your future success and happiness.

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QUANTITATIVE INVESTING: To determine how to get the highest return given the amount of risk you can here!

"We take a quantitative approach to investing. We design investment portfolios for individuals who want the most return given the amount of risk they can handle. Our work is based on Prospect Theory, that won a Nobel Prize in economics in 2002."

The Secret To Lifetime Financial Security
Chris Morris, author of the Best Selling book The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security, shows you how to stop worrying about the next market crash and achieve the financial security and peace of mind you deserve.